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Our Story

From early industry pioneers to digital trendsetters, PowerPro Live has evolved to meet the ever-changing digital landscape, providing turnkey online solutions with a focus on dynamic and engaging content.

Comprehensive Web Solutions for Dynamic Online Presence

Founding Story

PowerPro Live's journey began before the advent of the internet, deeply rooted in the advertising and communication industry. As digital potential unfolded, we launched a specialized division dedicated to online presence—PowerPro Live. Our commitment is to provide dynamic, engaging, and continuously evolving online solutions, ensuring that our clients' digital activities are competitive and cutting-edge.

Founder's Background: Dave Wohlner

About Dave Wohlner

Dave Wohlner is a seasoned professional in the marketing and advertising industry, with a rich history of building businesses both online and in print. As the President of PowerPro Live and Linear SC, Dave has dedicated his career to the integration of comprehensive business-building activities with a keen focus on achieving tangible results. With a degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Dave brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his ventures.

Professional Journey

Dave's career spans over decades, starting in 1989 with his founding role at Linear SC Inc, a San Francisco Bay Area-based communications branding agency specializing in consumer and trade channel communications, particularly for food and beverage companies. In September 2007, Dave launched PowerPro Live in San Francisco, California. This venture is dedicated to offering website design and development, along with affordable monthly support packages that encompass hosting, ongoing maintenance, and comprehensive digital marketing services. His leadership at PowerPro Live is aimed at growing visits, leads, and revenue for small to medium-sized businesses and nonprofit organizations.

Commitment to Service

Dave's approach is client-centric, focusing on creating cost-effective, fully managed online business-building solutions where quality and service are paramount. He emphasizes that PowerPro Live's websites should not only serve as a digital presence but also contribute to the organization's growth and revenue generation. His services include SEO, content generation, reputation management, social network management, directory management, analytics, and many additional features to ensure a robust online strategy.

Reputation and Relationships

Throughout his career, Dave has been recognized for his excellent interpersonal skills and commitment to maintaining strong professional relationships. Testimonials from colleagues and clients alike highlight his ability to produce great work in a timely fashion and his dedication to value-driven relationships. His work with various teams and businesses, including notable clients such as Diageo, Clorox, Del Monte Foods, Columbus Foods, Wells Fargo Bank, Safeway, Sam's Club and many more. His work has been consistently positive and impactful.

Dave Wohlner's leadership at PowerPro Live and Linear SC embodies a blend of strategic foresight, industry expertise, and a relentless commitment to client success. His vision continues to drive the firms towards innovation, excellence, and sustained growth in the dynamic world of online marketing.

Unique Value Proposition

PowerPro Live offers a complete package for compelling web design and development, including everything necessary for launching and maintaining a vibrant online presence. Our comprehensive approach ensures not only the establishment of an impactful website but also continuous support and adaptation to the digital world's fast pace.

PowerPro Live stands out by providing all-inclusive web solutions, ensuring each aspect of your online presence is managed and evolved to stay ahead of digital trends.

Client Success Stories

Our clients' success stories range from doubling sales year over year to transforming their brand identity and enjoying sustained lead generation. These achievements showcase our ability to deliver significant business outcomes through our comprehensive digital strategies and innovative online narratives.

PowerPro Live's client successes reflect our effective strategies in boosting sales, enhancing brand identity, and securing continuous lead generation, affirming our role as a catalyst for digital excellence.

Services and Specialization

Our experience spans a multitude of sectors, with a core strength in creating compelling online narratives through specialized brand development, planning, and management. We offer a full suite of services that cater to the unique challenges and opportunities within various industries, ensuring a tailored and impactful online presence.

With a broad industry reach and specialized services, PowerPro Live crafts tailored digital strategies, ensuring a robust and distinctive online presence across various sectors.

Vision and Future Goals

Our vision is driven by a commitment to excellence and innovation. We aim to remain at the forefront of the digital landscape, continuously evolving and expanding our impact. By fostering lasting relationships and building a community of innovation, we seek to be the preferred partner for businesses aiming for a significant online impact.

PowerPro Live is dedicated to setting new standards in the digital world, focusing on constant innovation, expanding services, and building lasting partnerships for continued success.